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While things in my life are constantly changing, the one thing I always can fall back on is being able to sit on my bed, look out the window and fiddle around on my guitar. This is the essence of Sundara...

Recorded all in my bedroom, Sundara (The Beautiful) is a collection of memories that define some of the most prominent relationships in my life. The first four tracks tell a story of a relationship from start to end - "spoke sweet" is a song about indecision and longing - "i am" is a song about personal growth and peer judgement...

I hope you all enjoy listening to Sundara as much as I enjoyed making it.


released February 28, 2015

Music and Lyrics by Joseph Keris
With help from Zach Moses (tracks 4, 9 and 10)'
Mastered by Joseph Keris and Nate Baker
Artwork by Michael Clay



all rights reserved


Joe Keris & The Good Week Bordentown Township, New Jersey

Joe. Steve. Nate. Daryian. Griff.

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Track Name: i was the light, you were the match
my prologue to you was a game of hide and hide some more. from fairy tales and butterflies - i saw them from behind closed eyes. i saw the stone for a stone. yeah, you told me just to breathe - and then i did.

faces all looked the same, then you came and gave them names. I could not complain - you took me out, you brought me here, and here i stayed.
Track Name: you were the sky, i was looking up
when you called me - it was so easy just to know what i was feeling - you took my heart still beating when you called me out of the blue (just to say i love you)

it was raining outside - i could not believe in my eyes when i turned and saw you there - as the rain fell from your hair. and you called me out of the blue - just to say i love you. and i called you out of the blue - just to say i love you too
Track Name: i was in my head, you were on vacation
we weren't drifting apart. i was wrong about everything. If i could just say the words i would write an apology.

we said right from the start that we were just for the summer, but things change - i had a change of heart. you did too, but things still fell apart.
Track Name: you were the mountain, i was falling down
if i could take back time, would you see me in the morning light? - and wash your eyes with the sun of a relationship now gone. what if i said i would only take my share of the blame we both own - it was my fault, i brought us here. if time can fix all things than why am i so upset.

i left your heart on the floor of my room - it's the only thing i regret.

i want to take a chance to explain why i was wrong, but i cant do this here - i wont write you that kind of song. its time to make amends for the things i've done in the past.

i left your heart on the floor of my room - it's the only thing i regret.
Track Name: spoke sweet
i still think about you some days. i lost all my coins to a wishing well and now i'm stuck in this longing haze - built just for me, my own kind of hell.

would i have made a difference then if i had said "you were beautiful"? would we just be friends or something more? -if i just spoke sweet

when a little piece of my mind gets out of place - you know for sure it's going back to those days. a quiet smile starts to look my way - my heart beats fast and then the memory fades
Track Name: all your girly movies
i'd buy you something special, wrap it up with a bow, and send it straight to you if i could. i'd drive myself there overnight and be there in the morning with you if i could. i don't know what to say that hasn't been said - i try to reinvent the wheel in my head. and even when our conversations through you already know i miss you.

i'd take you to a show or watch all your girly movies with you if i could. i'd make the days shine brighter than the setting july sun if i could.
Track Name: closer
come a little closer - i have something to say - your eyes are like two shining stars at the end of a long day. and when i tell you you are pretty you blush and turn away. you hide behind your smily face and it takes my breath away. but you'll be gone so soon and ill be here by myself - thinking about you and nothing else.

so even when the weather is several shades of grey, ill be there to hold you close and hide you from the rain. you can always call me and i'll be there to stay. i'll pick you up at nine o clock and we can run away. even when you go - i'll be by myself think about you and no one else.

so you can bring your show-tunes and i will bring my songs -we'll have all the time we wan't just to laugh and sing along.
Track Name: whisper
if i could wrap you up inside my arms - to hide you form your misery and any other harms - i'd hold you 'til the night sky loses all it's stars, my long lost love.

tell me all the secrets that you hold. if i have any left you'll be the first to know. together we will talk and laugh 'til we are passing old, my long lost love.
Track Name: for a friend
memories of when we were better friends - what are you doing in my head again. i haven't seen you in a year. in my head you've almost disappeared. it's been a long drive - but i'm home

when i said we would keep in touch - we knew what "we" meant to us. but since then, not a sound we've made - each our own ways we've paved.
Track Name: say, love
when your hands start to wake up - you look into my eyes - you ask of me quietly. don't make me say love

i get up to run while you sit blinded by what i've done. sobbing, i put the car in drive.
Track Name: i am
i am the man who you say has change. from your lips it's negative, but i'm becoming me while you're staying the same.

i am the subtleties that i'm afraid to say - just a passing ship on this plane leaving ripples in the water i have touched. will they fade a generation's length away?

i am a collection of what my menotrs have said. in a world of great values misread - to build it up again i can only try and restate.

i am a worrier - a boy kept in the shade from what is "wrong" for a child of my age. what has given me the chance to feel all of your pain?